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Atlanta Lodge Activities

Atlanta Lodge Offers the Following Activities:
  • Open Meetings:  This activity is for  seekers, friends or family that are not members of AMORC. it takes place the third Saturday of the month from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm.  Members are Welcome!
  • Neophyte Sunday: this activity is  for new members, (not initiated into the first temple degree), to participate please bring your AMORC ID card and current dues receipt from the Grand Lodge. Neophyte Sunday takes place the first Sunday of the month.
  • Mystical Weekend: Members of AMORC, having reached the First Atrium Degree (Fourth Cycle), please bring your AMORC ID card and current dues receipt from the Grand Lodge
  • Council of Solace: A meditation for healing open to all members and the public.

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Law of Amra

The Law of AMRA is an ancient law, dating back to the Egyptian mystery schools. The following excerpts are from booklet "Liber 888: The Council of Solace" defining this ancient law.

"...The law simply consists of expressing gratitude, in one way or another, for any benefits one has received, with it being understood that such benefits do not necessarily correspond to material or financial gain..." (underline added)

"...we must emphasize that it is never an obligation. This means that this law must be employed through one's own free will, without the least mental reservation..."

 The Atlanta Lodge is self-supported. Your AMRA donations are kindly appreciated.



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